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Nature’s Original Functional Food

Nature’s Original Functional Food

Meeting your nutritional needs has become big business. Everywhere you look, various nutrients are promoted to benefit your body in some way. Without a professional diagnosis of disease, we are expected to determine our specific nutrient needs according to our family medical history, lifestyle, environmental pollutants, gender, age, economic group and race. Given all these requirements, it’s little wonder that most women despair and resort to a multivitamin supplement.


However, the benefits of eating foods that are naturally nutritious must not be overlooked. Foods that offer a variety of nutrients in ample quantities have benefited generations of humans before us. That is because each nutrient helps another to be absorbed and used by the body. This is called nutrient synergy.

Scientists are still discovering nutrients in foods that are essential to the health and well being of the human body. When a supplemented food or a synthetic compound is consumed, the nutritional benefits may be different than from food. Foods like eggs have been an important part of a healthy diet for generations and have a large variety of essential nutrients packed into them by nature. In fact, eggs contain varying amounts of all essential nutrients with the exception of vitamin C. That’s why teaming up a cold glass of orange juice with your fresh eggs every morning can take the guesswork out of eating without all the hype.

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