Summer Berries with Pavlova and Passion Fruit Sauce





U.S. Liquid Egg White

Icing Sugar




Raspberry Sauce

Passion Fruit Sauce

Double Cream (whipped)

Mint Leaf

150 g

50 g

200 g

200 g

50 g

50 g

50 g

50 g

50 g

100 g

1 pc


Boil water and sugar until 128°C. Whip egg white until a firm snow is obtained. Pour the hot syrup into the egg white.

Add icing sugar and slowly stir the mixture well.

Brush a rectangular mould with some oil. Place a baking sheet on the baking tray, then pipe the mixture from step 2 into the mould.

Remove the mould and dust with icing sugar on top. Baked in the

oven for about 140°C for 30 minutes.

Place the pavlova on a long plate, dust on top with icing sugar and around the plate. Cut each strawberry into four pieces, add in raspberry and blueberry, then mix with raspberry sauce.

Spoon berries on the top of the pavlova and a spoon of passion fruit sauce over the fruit and around the plate. Lastly scoop a spoon of double cream on top of the berries with a piece of mint leaf.