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Advantages of Egg Products

Direct from Mother Nature, with a touch of modern technology that cracks, separates and packages convenient forms of whole eggs whites and yolks, egg products provide food formulators with important benefits:

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Functional: Egg products supply foods with more than 20 functional properties including aeration, binding, coagulation, emulsification, foaming and whipping, to name a few.

Ease of use: Egg products are ready to use immediately, e.g., liquid or dried egg that is compatible with mechanized proportioning systems in food plants, or pre-cooked egg entrees ready to heat and serve.

Convenience: Ready-to-use egg products just need to be measured for use – many egg products even come pre-measured. Bulk quantities may be customized with ingredients already incorporated into the egg product to reduce labor. Equipment needs are minimal, clean-up is simplified, and, except for packaging materials, there is no waste for disposal.

Economy: Reduced handling, minimal shipping cost and elimination of breakage result in reduced-cost formulations. They are one of the most economical complete protein sources available.

Safety: Egg products are pasteurized to destroy Salmonella and other bacteria.

Minimal Storage Space: A 100-pound drum of dried egg white solids is equivalent to the whites from about 28 cases (360 large shell eggs per case) of shell eggs. 100-pounds of dried whole egg solids are the equivalent to about 10 cases of large shell eggs. A 30-pound container of frozen eggs is equivalent to about 22 dozen large shell eggs.

Uniformity: Egg products can be produced to definite specifications to assure consistent performance in formulations.

Stability: When properly stored according to their type, egg products will keep their quality over several months.

Quality: Most egg products are virtually indistinguishable from fresh eggs in nutritional value, flavor and most functional properties. These qualities are well retained during proper storage.

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