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Specialty Egg Products

Diced Hard-cooked, Peeled Eggs

Refrigerated in a dry-pack or cryogenically frozen through exposure to extremely low temperatures for a short time, e.g., nitrogen flushing. Used by salad bars in restaurants.

Refrigerated Whole Hard-cooked, Peeled and Unpeeled Eggs, Plain or Pickled, Wedged, Sliced, or Chopped

Mechanically or hand-peeled and either packed in a liquid solution of 0.1% sodium benzoate or potassium sorbate (mold inhibitors) and an organic acid (usually citric acid) or packaged in an altered environment with inert nitrogen to extend shelf life.

Frozen Hard-cooked Egg Rolls or Long Eggs

Long cylinders of albumen cooked around a core of yolk, then cryogenically frozen and used sliced, in salads and as garnishes.

Frozen Omelets and Quiche Mixes

Ready to heat and serve.

Frozen Scrambled Egg Mix in Boliable Pouches

These were originally developed by the military but are now convenient for the foodservice operator.

Freeze-dried Precooked Scrambled Egg Mix

Used by campers because they are easy to transport and store.

Other Frozen Precooked

Egg patties, fried eggs, crêpes, scrambled eggs, egg pizza, plain or filled omelets, French toast, quiches, and egg breakfast sandwiches.


Pasteurized liquid egg aseptically packaged for extended refrigerated shelf life.

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