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Buying & Storing


Look for eggs with shells that are clean and unbroken. Buy USDA Grade AA or A shell eggs from refrigerated cases. Do not buy eggs having shells that are dirty, cracked or leaking. Do not buy eggs that are being stored at room temperature. Buy eggs before the Expiration (EXP) or the "Sell-By" date. The EXP date, however, is not federally required.

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Eggs should never remain out of refrigeration for more than one hour. Eggs that are taken from a refrigerated environment and placed in a warm, humid environment will "sweat", or produce condensation on their shells. This is the perfect medium for the growth of bacteria.

Store eggs in their carton, large end up, and on an inside shelf of a refrigerator. The carton helps protect the eggs from picking up odors and flavors from the other foods. In addition, the carton helps to prevent moisture loss. Keep eggs refrigerated at or below a temperature of 2°C to 7°C (35°F to 45°F) until they are to be used. Properly handled and stored eggs rarely spoil. USDA requires eggs to be stored at 7°C (45°C) or lower after processing. Fresh, uncooked shell eggs that have been properly refrigerated will maintain their high-quality for a more extended period of time.

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