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Control Appetite to Control Weight

If there’s one concern that has been associated with women throughout history, it surely must be weight control. Unlike the hunter, women have been the gathers of society, concerned with preparing the food for the family. Whereas men historically performed hard labor in securing food, women have had lives that required less physical exertion. Accompanying this role, a women’s weight was controlled by hormones that were programmed to provide nourishment for suckling infants as well as stored energy to protect them from starvation when the hunter returned unsuccessful.

How does the modern woman meet this goal when food is plentiful and time is short? By using the same strategies that have brought us into this technological age, today’s woman can be successful in controlling her weight. The goal is to follow a plan that includes a routine intake of nutrient dense foods consumed throughout the day which is balanced with activities to provide an outlet for her energy intake.

Starting the day with a nutrient dense breakfast has been shown to help children focus and perform better in school. Similarly, studies have found breakfast is important for adult cognition and memory as well. Other studies have shown that eating a nutrient dense breakfast helps to reduce snacking on less nutritious and more calorie laden foods throughout the day.

Eggs, when eaten at the start of the day, provide a satisfying meal that can keep the stomach from emptying too quickly thereby providing a long period of satiety.

At 75 calories per large egg, eggs actually contribute few calories for all the nutrients that they provide. When teamed up with whole grains and vegetables they are a complete meal that is easily prepared, widely available and inexpensive making them a useful tool when planning a “women’s weight control” program.

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