Earl Grey Tea Chocolate Pudding with Butter Caramel and Vanilla Sauce



Earl Grey Tea Filling

Earl Grey tea leaves



U.S. Liquid Egg Yolk


Dark chocolate

White bread (sliced)

Butter (melted)

10 g

300 g

300 g

150 g

95 g

100 g

250 g

150 g

Butter Caramel sauce


Vanilla Stick

Granulated Sugar

Glucose Syrup


500 g

1 pc

112 g

112 g

58 g


Boil cream, milk and Earl Grey tea together. Set aside for a few minutes to ensure of a strong flavour, then strain it. Mix egg yolks and sugar, add in mixture from Step 1 and boil again until 85°C. Pour in the dark chocolate and mix well.

Then strain again and ready to be used. Cut white bread into
littlesquares, pour the melting butter and mix well. Put it in over at low temperature of about 120°C for 30 minutes until it turns brown colour. Wrap the stainless ring with luminium foil at the bottom. Add a little bit of butter bread crumbles inside, then pour the Earl Grey tea filling, and bake in the oven at 150°C until set. Repeat this step until the ring is almost filled. After finish baking, let cool and keep it in the refrigerator until cold.

Butter Caramel Sauce
Soak the vanilla bean in the cream for two hours. Melt the glucose and 
the sugar until it caramelised. Turn off the heat, add in the vanilla bean cream and cool the mixture until it reaches 40°C. Add the softly whipped butter and mix well.

Earl Grey Tea Chocolate Pudding
Take out the Earl Grey tea pudding from the refrigerator, remove the aluminium foil and place it on a plate. Pour the caramel sauce on top
and a little vanilla sauce surrounding the plate. Add a little garnish of butter bread crumbles on the pudding and around the plate.