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Export Packing & Shipping

Export Packing

Fiber flats or trays hold 30 eggs. Filled flats are packed into cases that hold 360 eggs. The W-5-C used to be the premier export case; however, now the U.S. industry is moving toward 200-lb. test cases for small eggs, and 275-lb. test cases for medium and larger eggs. These cases are fitted with liners and conform to U.S. specifications for egg export shipments. The case top and bottom is sealed with reinforced gum tape.


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Eggs are shipped either by refrigerated trucks or aboard ocean vessels, in refrigerated ocean containers. The number of cases that can be shipped in a container or trailer truck is limited due to road weight restrictions in the United States.

The carrying temperature in an ocean container is normally set at 3.36°C (38°F).

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