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High Quality Protein for Women’s Health

Protein is the only essential nutrient that provides nitrogen, extremely important for building and repairing muscle and organ tissues as well as maintenance of blood, nerves, bones and heart.

After mother’s milk, an egg contains the highest quality food protein known. The human intestine is able to absorb ninety seven percent of the egg’s protein in the form of amino acids. In fact, egg protein contributes all the amino acids known to be essential for humans in the amounts needed for normal body function. Egg white has the highest biological value protein of any one food. This means all nitrogen from egg protein can be absorbed and retained by our body.

Recent studies of protein metabolism have highlighted the vital importance of protein consumption for women. One study where elderly women were fed diets containing protein from either animal or vegetable sources found less breakdown of body protein in the elderly women consuming protein from animal rather than vegetable sources. In addition, animal protein was also found to increase bone density, while vegetable protein intake decreased it.


Another study found elderly women experienced significant loss of normal body function including immune response, muscle function and muscle tissue stores when a low protein diet was consumed. In fact, research into what constitutes adequate protein in older people found that the RDA for protein (0.8 grams/kg body weight) may not be enough to meet the body’s needs of older adults. Given the quality of the protein eggs supply, women would be well advised to consume an egg daily to maintain healthy protein storage at all ages.

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