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Keto Egg White Bites 

keto egg white bite.png


Qty         Unit                       Product Name

648         gm                        U.S. DRIED EGG WHITES

4752       gm                        Water 

55           gm                         Olive Oil 

1200       gm                         Onion Brown (fine chopped)

20           gm                         Sugar to prevent Clumping 

1470       gm                        Whole Milk 

800         gm                         Drained Chopped Frozen Spinach (480 Actual Weight)

700         gm                         Chopped Red Peppers 

600         gm                         Feta Cheese

12           gm                         Ceyenne Pepper

72           gm                         Salt

24           gm                         Pepper Black (fresh ground)

Amount of Bites Ets. 300 bites





1. Heat oil in a skillet add onion, Saute and then add the Red Pepper and saute until onion is almost translucent and then add the chopped spinach and take off the heat and let stand.

2. Whisk together the U.S. DRIED EGG WHITES, Salt, Pepper and Sugar to avoid clumping.  Then add the water and milk and whisk

3. Combine onion, red pepper, and spinach put equal amounts in each Muffin Cups and then pour the egg white mixture over them until 3/4 full then sprinkle the Feta Cheese on top.  (if not using muffin cups, spray trays with baking spary to avoid sticking)

4.  Put Bite Trays into the  oven and bake at 175°c oven for 12-15 minutes. Or until completely cooked and allow 10 minutes to cool and then Pop Out Of ther Tray


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