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Skillet Mixed Berries Pudding


Recipe for 4 portions


   i.     Mixed Berries Pudding

   ii.    Lemon Meringue


Mixed Berries Pudding


80g U.S. Liquid Egg Yolk

15g Butter to grease

250g      Fresh Blueberries

90g Raspberries

1tsp.      Lemon Zest

85g Cake Flour

55g Bread Flour

100g      Caster Sugar

1tsp.      Baking Powder

100g      Milk


45g Melted butter

120g      Caster Sugar

10g Corn Starch

240g      Hot Water



  • Toss berries with lemon zest. Pour into prepared pan.

  • Mix together flour, sugar and baking powder.

  • Whisk in milk, egg yolk and melted butter. Pour all mixture over the berries.

  • Mix remaining sugar with corn starch and salt and sprinkle this over the batter.

  • Pour the hot water on the skillet and bake for 30 minutes.


Lemon Meringue


180g      U.S. Dried Egg Whites (reconstituted)

300g      Caster Sugar

6g   Cream of Tartar

Pinch of Salt

1 tsp.     Lemon Zest



  • Meringue Cookies: Combine egg White, cream of tartar, and salt, beat the egg whites at slow speed until the foam throughout, add the sugar, and beat to soft peaks.



Uncover skillet; spread meringue on top. Brown meringue using a kitchen torch, if desired.

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