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Sodium Reduction

Egg products are naturally low in sodium and possess multifunctional components for foaming, binding and emulsifying, and other functions.

Clean labels are dependent upon the ingredients. Egg products offer a clean label option and can help maintain product integrity and stability in a reduced sodium formulation. Egg products are capable of binding other ingredients, providing structure and stability and assisting with moisture migration while not conflicting with flavors of other ingredients. In fact, eggs have functional properties that do the job of many additives, yet naturally. Today's consumers, better educated and more label savvy, are avoiding additives and seeking more natural food alternatives.

Custom blended egg products that include carbohydrates, gum, starches, sugar, and low levels of salt are available to meet manufacturers' specifications and improve functional performance.

Egg products make so many food formulations great or better. The functional profile egg products provide is worth investigating to mine the possibilities for all the value they can provide to sodium reduced and other formulations.

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