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Super Powers, Simple Ingredients

The superheroes of comic books and movies have powers that elevate them beyond the ordinary. Yet in public, they often masked these talents to appear ordinary. Sometimes too, in the food world, the greatest collection of attributes is found in the most ordinary item. Yet within that mild-looking, shelled exterior lies a powerhouse of nutrition and functionality that transfers these super attributes into formulations.

Eggs are considered a naturally nutrient-dense food, containing varying amounts of 13 essential nutrients in a package with a relatively low number of calories: just 70 for a large 50 gram egg. Eggs are one of the few natural sources of vitamin D and provide an excellent source of choline and selenium and a good source of vitamin B12, phosphorus and riboflavin. One large egg, or its equivalent in the further processed category, provides 6 grams of highly digestible protein, constituting eggs as a 'good' source of high-quality protein.

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